Tuesday, 26 De January De 2021
Ctra. C-26, km. 117, Navès - 25286
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El Babau Cultural Association

El Babau is a cultural association that handles to annually publish 4 issues of the local magazine "El Babau" dedicated to opinions, news and articles, most related to the municipality of Navès.

Address: Adreça: Casa de l'Ajuntament, 25286 Navès,

E-mail: elbabau@elbabau.net

Web: http://www.elbabau.net

Navès Youth Association

The Navès youth association was founded in 2006.Its task is to perform acts, courses and other youth-related activities.

Address: Adreça: Sala d'esplai (Urbanització Santa Llúcia), 25286 Navès,

E-mail: info@jovesnaves.cat

Web: http://www.jovesnaves.cat

Festival Committee d e Navès

The festival committee is responsible for Navès to organize some of the actions of the various village festivals. It is currently complemented by the Youth Association of Navès that has mainly taken the bulk of this task.

Theatre group Coll d'Arques

Amateur theater group formed in 1995 that has a work premiere each year within the Santa Llúcia Fair. Currently we are a dozen people who have been renewed, and always have opted for comedy and vaudeville.

Navès Hunters Society

Hunters Society Navès was formed in the early 1990.Currently it consists of a hundred members and its main activity is hunting the boar. He has also done other activities such as the recovery of the hermitage of Sant Mamet (patron saint of hunters) located on the cliffs of Taravil and restoring some lost and forgotten paths.